VWR International, LLC
Apr 1, 2005

VWR International, Inc. Acquires Advanced Instruments Sales & Service, Inc., An Analytical Solutions Provider To The Pharmaceutical, Biochemical, And Scientific Markets

VWR International, Inc. Acquires Advanced Instruments Sales & Service, Inc., An Analytical Solutions Provider To The Pharmaceutical, Biochemical, And Scientific Markets

WEST CHESTER, PA, April 1, 2005 - VWR International, Inc. announced today the acquisition of Advanced Instruments Sales & Service, Inc., a San Juan, Puerto Rico-based supplier of a broad range of services, instrumentation, equipment, and consumables to the Puerto Rican pharmaceutical, biochemical, and scientific markets. The acquisition is intended to expand VWR's service and product portfolio within the Puerto Rican sales and marketing region and the continental United States.

Advanced Instruments Sales & Service is a privately held firm, incorporated in Puerto Rico in 1985. The company is Puerto Rico's premier provider of a full complement of laboratory, analytical, validation, metrology and calibration services, and they offer preferred brands of analytical instruments, equipment, balances, microbiology products, supplies, and technology.

The Advanced Instruments company consists of the Advanced Instruments Sales & Service, Inc. product distribution organization, the Caribbean Metrology Center division, the AQS Validation Group division, and the ADCHEM Pharma Operations subsidiary. The company has a total of 95 employees.

The Caribbean Metrology Center meets the mass weights, pipette calibration and certifications, and other specialized needs of local scientific industries. The AQS Validation Group provides pharmaceutical process and product validations, process optimizations, computer validations, auditing services, and cleaning method development. ADCHEM Pharma Operations offers integrated warehouse, materials management, logistics and laboratory services to the pharmaceutical industry.

"We are excited about our ability to provide an expanded portfolio of products and services, as well as increased distribution capabilities to meet the current and future requirements of our customers in Puerto Rico and elsewhere," said Walter W. Zywottek, VWR president and chief executive officer. "The broad portfolio of products and services within Advanced Instruments' brands are extremely complementary with VWR's product offering and distribution capabilities, creating important synergies and value for all of our customers."

VWR's investment in the Puerto Rican marketplace will include more than tripling the capacity of the general distribution warehouse, significant expansion of the environmentally controlled hazardous chemical storage capabilities, increased capabilities within the metrology and technical laboratory services, and an increase in the workforce to support the expanding services business.

"These investments will have a positive impact on the local economy and signify our long-term commitment to the Puerto Rican marketplace," said Zywottek.

Carlos M. Rodriguez, current president of Advanced Instruments' Group of Companies, will lead the new combined organization in Puerto Rico. According to Rodriguez: "The combined organization will provide customers with significant synergies that will help them improve their own efficiencies. For the first time customers will enjoy the benefits of having a single premier distributor with an expanded product offering, asset management and analytical services. This combined products and services offering will help our customers get access to new products faster, allow our customers to concentrate on their core competencies and improve their global competitiveness."

About Advanced Instruments Sales & Service

Advanced Instruments Sales and Service is an Analytical Solutions provider with over 20 years experience in the Puerto Rico and Caribbean markets. Advanced Instruments has responded to technological advances of highly regulated pharmaceutical and research companies by offering them extensive and innovative solutions, high quality products and specialized services. Advanced Instruments has partnered with more than 20 selected suppliers to bring the latest quantitative and qualitative instruments and technologies to their customers. Advanced Instruments is recognized for its high customer satisfaction, fast response times and for the precision and accuracy of their services. Advanced Instruments, AQS Validation and the Caribbean Metrology Center are located in Carolina, PR, and ADCHEM Pharma Operations is located in Manati, PR.

For more information on Advanced Instruments Sales & Service, phone 787-622-1133, visit at www.advpr.com, www.Adchempharma.com or write to Advanced Instruments Sales & Service, P.O. Box 29502, San Juan, PR 00929.

About VWR International, Inc.

VWR International is a global leader in the distribution of scientific supplies, with worldwide sales of $3.0 billion US dollars. VWR's business is highly diversified across a spectrum of products and services, customer groups and geography. The company offers more than 750,000 products, from more than 5,000 manufacturers, to over 250,000 customers throughout North America and Europe. VWR's primary customers work in the pharmaceutical, life science, chemical, technology, food processing and consumer product industries. Other important customers include universities and research institutes; governmental agencies; environmental testing organizations; and primary and secondary schools. VWR International affiliates operate in 18 countries and employ almost 6,000 people. The company's mission is to deliver excellence in the distribution of scientific supplies. The VWR International Group is headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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